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Solid preparation

When applying new finishes and coatings to metal, it's important to prepare for the new application by thoroughly cleaning the surface.
With A & E Metal Finishing, it's never been easier!

Serving the upper Midwest, our experienced team can utilize an effective etching process to leave any metal surface as clean as possible. Just let our crew know what the specifications are, and we can help!

  • Removing undesirable materials from surfaces
  • Vital step to assuring that all future processes are successful
  • Clean surface will meet all the quality and specs of accept the next process

From old finishes to rust, paints, dirt, and grime, we can handle it all with our etching services.


Quality Etching
tank size 72" X 30" X 48"
*** A & E tank size***
72" X 30" X 48"

Custom solutions
Daily quality monitoring

Over 13 Years

Many applications
Large-scale tractors